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I Feel Funny About This

I can’t tell if this ruins my childhood or makes it better. In my previous post I had noted I was searching for Peppermint Patty images and found some odd connections. One was an artist called gNAW (it’s over at a furry gallery, so blame Google for that) who seems to have a different take on the Peanuts gang. When artists do anime/manga make-overs of comics it can be hit or miss, but I’m pretty blown away by this:

Click on any of the images for a better view or if you visit the artist’s gallery there are several more “Peanutz” pieces.


No God Could Create These Abominations

Thankfully they’re fictional! I realized yesterday that I was getting hair that resembled Peppermint Patty’s. Unsure of this, I Googled images of her (avoid including “Marcie” in your search, FYI, if safe search is off). Within the first few images that cropped up was a likeness of her internal structure. There is an artist who takes cartoons and comics and does “character studies” of them. He has a fairly good grasp on skeletal anatomy (as far as I can note) and his study choices are… uh… effective:

If you think these are totally awesome/bizarre/must-haves you can check his site Michael Paulus or just the character study series or browse his Etsy store.

So this week it looks like I’m doing an art week. My search lead me on a strange, dark path and I have some ideas that will hopefully get me in a more creative mood than the quick pics that I did last week.

Dracu-Lee-an (That’s Terrible)

I wish a very happy birthday to Christopher Lee today. At 89 the actor has 272 movies (and counting) under his malevolent belt. I think he’s one of the greatest voices and villains on screen. I know a lot of people associate him with either Dracula or Saruman (or Dooku ~ eesh), but I have fond memories of his some other roles. There was King Haggard from The Last Unicorn:

(Via Shannon’s Study)
His small, but pivotal role as The Judge in Sleepy Hollow:

(Via Electric Dragonfly)
And, because I’m lost in the games, DiZ/Ansem the Wise from Kingdom Hearts II:

Looking at his list of movies, I noticed a lot of his earlier years are filled with fantastic horror films that I should eventually get around to watching. I am in a sort of mild-interest-in-horror phase and wouldn’t mind starting with the classics. Besides, I LOVED his cameo in The Magic Christian as “ship’s vampire”:

(A Must. See. Movie.) Also, you are welcome, for anyone who bothered to click on any of those movie links. I feel like I’m looking in someone’s basement and finding old copies of Popular Mechanics.

Two Great Tastes…

(Click for bigger)
This is by Deviant Artist Rahzzah. I command you go visit his gallery now.

Possible Job Options

I Need

Now He Only Eats Guitars!

Not a long post today as I have much to do in preparation for the Rapture. I hope it’s more like Blondie’s Rapture. Jesus can take the sinners and the rest of us can be eaten by a bar-crazed, punk-rock-loving alien. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being taken by Jesus if only he were like that crazy Queensland hottie who’s claiming to be the new incarnation of said prophet:

Yes, Cult Fever is in the air this year. It isn’t just Camping’s group, but there’s also a video on YouTube going around talking about Prince William? The Lizard? Secret Societies? I’m going to be watched carefully by the Freemasons from now on? Wat?

Anyway, here’s a fun video I found in regards to tomorrow’s hyper-rapture-activity. It’s one of the xtranormal based animations, so if you don’t care for those you don’t need to watch, but it repeats the logical fallacies that makes the rest of us look at the May 21st-ers with great confusion. (I almost wrote “phallacies”. I’m not sure what that means.) Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

(Eats people meat:)


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