Where Are The Instructions For This Hat?

Legos and fashion are not two things I associate in my mind. I remember playing with Legos as a kid. I had different sets but liked to mix up the pieces and create new worlds. You can find a lot of original ideas are far more inventive and brilliant than the Lego corporation ones. Recently I found a private fashion designer made a pair of Lego Stilettos. At first, I thought, “yeah, I’d buy those!”, but then… those aren’t made with incredible creativity. Those literally look like someone took a pair of stilettos, glued some Legos on, and molded with heat some of the ones that needed to fit around curves. When the article writer said only twelve pairs were made I thought, no kidding, people would realize how cheap these are.** I want to see if anyone can make Lego instructions for these shoes:

I guess in all honesty, when you go the route of merging brightly colored childhood blocks with grown-up fashion you end up with this:

(Via Style In Town)
Or this:

(Via CubeMe)
**(This is no offense to the author at Bit Rebels, just the designer. I’m quite jealous of the author who got a pair of those shoes, in actuality because I’d love to have free Lego stuff. Bit Rebels is pretty awesome if you haven’t checked it out.)


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  1. I totally used to make devices out of Legos! Not clothes per se, but I remember one or two wearable things… and a clock, and a rubber-band crossbow…

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