Mr. Brain

Today my health and patience was tested once again. I went in for an MRI and an MRA. Can’t move, can’t eat beforehand, sans coffee once again, and I had an added bonus of pure pain. It was a comedy of errors, but hopefully it will benefit me in the end.

As those who go through MRIs know, you have to lie there for an extended time without moving. I did the stupid thing and put my arms on my stomach. After 15 minutes, your hands start to fall asleep. After 20 minutes, they are really aching to be moved and you have to focus on anything else because they CANNOT MOVE. Since I had two tests I was in there for what seemed like a half hour more after that and just gave up all hope of using my hands for the rest of the day. Finally there was a break in the clicking noise and I jumped at the chance to move them. Great. Now they are cold and tingly. It’s also cold in the whole room and I’m in a T-shirt.

Time for the contrast part. Warning: this gets a little vivid. I tend to have thin veins. Since I wasn’t allowed to have food or drink 4 hours prior, they were extra thin and practically invisible to the nurse. When she tried to give me the shot she was so unsure she left to have the doctor try. Mind you the overall supervisor of my tests was in there monitoring the situation and came back with the doctor, minus the nurse. The doctor had me go through another quick MRI test before administering the dye. When he then tried getting the dye in my right arm, he messed up and a sharp pain went through my arm. They applied a warm compress, but I still was not allowed to move. They brought in another doctor. He got the job done in my left wrist. Three guys standing over me, apologizing for my thin veins. Thanks guys! And 15 more minutes in the tube with sharp pain in one arm.

Anyway. As all was said and done they gave me CDs to take home so I could check out the fruits of our labor. Now I will share with you a handful of my favorites:

Click on each thumbnail for bigger images. The last one is of the MRA. I’m not exactly sure how to interpret it. Since I have some neuro-fans following me, I thought these would be fun. The reason for the title: The CDs I got had “MR Brain” written on them instead of either MRI or MRA.


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  1. frigging awesome and scary at the same time. hope the fruits are worth the effort Beth.

  2. Saturday I went in to give platelets.
    Immediately after placing the needle (and it not quite feeling right) in my left arm, she didn’t seal the testing bag correctly and when she picked it up it started dribbling – think a Capri Sun punctured near the bottom. Got a little blood on my shirt, most of it went on the floor.
    The machine kept wavering wildly from having low pressure with draw and high pressure with return, and after just standing next to me to adjust it for ten minutes, they decided to give up, turn it off, and gave me an ice pack.
    I currently have a lovely line bruise that runs right along the crease of my elbow.
    I helped people move (with my right arm) the rest of the day.

    • Ouch.
      I guess we can’t complain too much about modern day needle-poking, though, as much as these sound like horror stories. There’s less of a risk these days of tetanus or blood clots. Or the AIDS. I’m counting myself lucky it was just a bruise, though my mom was afraid my arm would have to be sliced open and operated on. (Uh-huh.)

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