Don’t Eat the Bittering Agent

For anyone who has recently bought a “Dust Remover” a.k.a. “the compressed air cans that you spray at dust scattering it to the four corners of your room and most likely into your face”, you may have recently seen the bittering agent warning. A bittering agent is a recent additive to discourage users from inhaling or “huffing” the air. The website for 3M gives more information. It also gives a piece of information that makes sense and doesn’t at the same time: a question in their faq is posed about getting rid of the bittering agent taste in your mouth. The answer? Chocolate or other dairy products. So you mean if I huff and then down some chocolate, I’m okay? Uh…

As a note: I’m not encouraging this whatsoever and I’m hoping a little bit of milk won’t negate this attempt to prevent addiction. Seriously, don’t huff:

The reason I bring up the subject is my father & I were in a Target and I was just buying ONE CAN. The check out clerk (who suspiciously looked like a younger version of an ex) had to get my ID. I have an out-of-state license still, which the register refused to take. We held up the line while he called his supervisor to let me check out. During this moment my father was totally confused and I explained using the above Allison/Intervention example. I was then treated to a car ride home on why televised therapy shows are ruining our country. Then when I got home I noticed the damn can didn’t have a straw. I tried using it without one, but without a focus it’s not as effective. My options were to go back and buy another one or steal a straw and have someone else end up with the same problem.

I decided on neither. As a fan of MacGyver, I figured I could whip up a cheaper, easier (well, maybe not easier) way to get this working. In my pre-coffee stupor this morning I looked around my room and noticed my BIC pencils are about the same width of the opening – the straw usually has a little hole to fit in, but the pencils have a wide mouth that would wrap around the nozzle completely. You turned on yet?

I grabbed an ugly, orange, sparkly pencil and tried pulling the pencil apart because I only needed the inner mechanism. Not having the strength, I found a set of wire cutters (yes, I have wire cutters in my room) and pulled the front off. I saved the eraser and lead for other pencils. I then had to cut off the end that protrudes – that part that gives you lead-filled wonder. I stuck the shaft of the inner mechanism – now completely hollow – over the nozzle. It was a perfect fit. The problem is occasionally it gets pushed off. I fixed this by adding a binder clip, which actually helps a bit with the compression (in my opinion).

There you have it. Once again I prove I’m awesome, albeit this might be boring to some people. So here’s a sexy picture of the man who made this all possible:

Source: T.V. Squad.For additional source materials check What Would MacGyver Do?


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  1. President Macguyer today announced that he had fixed the budget deficit by placing a lit cigarette next to a tray of ice cubes over a live electrical wire attached to the bank that keeps track of how much money we owe. In his statement to the public, Mr. Macguyer singled out Beth Rasmussen as his inspiration, and then proposed marriage to her.

  2. And now kids are just spraying that stuff into bottles with a bit of water so the bittering just settles into the water while the chemical is floating in the bottle to simply be inhaled. Can only try and stop them while making it more of a pain for the rest of the 99%+

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