Terrorism! 05

This is positively one of my favorite things ever to come out of Something Awful. I don’t often catch up with that site, but occasionally I check their Photoshop Phridays. Back in 2005 they did a fantastic job on Will They Fly A Plane Into Our House and every so often I pull it up for a good laugh.

The original image is the cover art of a PSA booklet educating parents & children about the dangers of terrorism. What the…??? It is a combination of inappropriately demeaning a child’s intelligence, a promotion of bad art (is that even done by a kid or was there a call for some “professional” to mock what he thought would be kiddie style, despite the fact that this is geared towards adults?), and not to mention it’s a propaganda piece of fear mongering from the Bush era. So it deserved it’s just reward from the S.A. photoshoppers & here are some of my favorites:

(more in link at top)


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  1. nancy Rasmussen

    Bee afraid. Bee very afraid!

    Very funny. Thanks Beth!

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