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Time for super awesome robot time (and other electronic adventures). This post is an inspiration from a previous one & The Black Fox. {She wanted a cool nickname and with her love of foxes that’s the best I can come up with. It’s a reference to one of my favorite movies.}

I had mentioned I’m collecting old, unused, and in somewhat working condition (arguably) electronics. When I asked what I should do with them, she was the only to reply and said I should attempt battle robots. I have absolutely no engineering or programming experience. Plus, I’m away from any buddies who may have those talents. I looked up what it may take to do that and there are several sites with instructions:
I found a specific thread in RoboCommunity that has many replies & links offering suggestions and help. I have also now learned that there is such a thing as a Robot Community.
There are several in fact. I found another beginners’ thread about motherboards at Society of Robots. (I would recommend just going to the main site – I’ve been finding these sites through the threads via Google.)

All I have is a soldering iron, several old crappy pieces of equipment, and a dream. Or I could go another route. By Googling “awesome uses for old electronics” I found a number of hits pertaining to robotics, practical uses, art projects, or (if it’s for old computers) just figuring out basics of programming.

On Hack N Mod there was an article about more artistic uses. It included “retro robots” which don’t look particularly active:

Make Use Of has more environmentally conscience options, including recycle/reuse/donate, but also mentions some interesting ideas like keeping that old laptop around and transforming it into a digital photo frame.

If those products are dead, dying, or out-of-date, try This Blue Marble‘s thread on transforming them into pretty awesome practical objects. I think my favorite was the “8-bit Belt Buckle”:

(Original article is from PC World by Anne B. McDonald, in case you miss that.)

So that’s all I’ve found. There are probably hundreds of things to do out there. I’ve seen plenty in my years of Interneting and have forgotten those ideas and links. If I’m really lazy I could probably just rip out the boards and glue them to stuff. I also bought wire and some random bits for Steampunk jewelry lately, so maybe it’ll just get added to that project. Well, it would be Cyber-Punk instead. I could do both. I’m crazy like that.


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