These Frogs Have The GLOW

ZZZZzzzz… Huh? What? Oh, I haven’t posted in almost two days? Well. I’ve been busy. I went to the library. I had a doctor’s appointment. I had to catch up on my Podcasts, which are all on the other computer. You understand.

So, uh, to distract you from my bad excuses, here are some shiny frogs:

Atelopus Frogs are a genus of “harlequin” frogs (or “toads” if you want to get technical, but they seem froggy enough for me). The one pictured here is the Purple Florescent Frog.

This is the more common “Panamanian Golden Frog” you’ll see under the Atelopus label. Although due to Purple’s recent discovery & news article in ’07, it’s a higher search hit. Does this cause rivalry in the taxonomy world? The 80 or so other species may disapprove:

For any more pics or info, you can click on the images. Here are some more resources:
Frogs with Beautiful Rainbow Colors! – Really good pics there, felt cheap to steal from that site. – a site dedicated to the education & preservation of them since many of these subspecies are going extinct!
When I say extinct, I mean pretty much all of them.

And I can’t resist adding this from one of my favorite (now defunct) webcomics:


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