It’s amazing when we try to forget something only to find it is so hardwired into our memories that it will never leave. I remembered this morning back in college I had an obsession with the Badger song by weebl. When I stumbled onto the Banana Phone remix, and I am fairly sure this was through Cookie Thievery, I watched it on repeat for days on end. If I was depressed or it was 3a.m. and I had a paper to finish, just watch Banana Phone. After college I tried to forget it and move on, but every once and awhile… ring ring ring ring

For those unfamiliar with the stupefying effects the song can have on you, I turn you over to Lemonizer’s Version which is the remix I had watched incessantly. I can’t embed because to try to would end up putting a repeating flash on my blog. I know I would lose one or two of my few faithful readers. Can’t have that.

Banana Phone was truly an Internet sensation back in it’s heyday. By just Googling the name, I had found hundreds of websites referring back to it. Most have gone defunct (including Lemonizer’s own main site) since the early/mid, uh, “Oughts?” “2000’s?”. They have gone down since last decade. Thankfully we can know what it meant to be a Banana Phone thanks to the serious research at Uncyclopedia (since those bastards at Wiki only give it a tiny portion of their vast library – feh). And there still is a full Banana Phone website dedicated to how, despite the fact that it can make you crazy, it will also make you obsessed. Here you will find most of the resources needed to understand. It has Raffi there smiling at you. (“Hey there, Raffi. I will keep my thoughts about Canada to myself.”) And it has some funny shooped images/remixed YouTube vids.

Via Funny Junk

Other funny references:
I like this weird short movie.
I don’t much care for this one. It’s kind of funny, but NSFW & disturbing.
People walking through a mall with bananas as phones.

And this:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Originally found here:

Alright, I think that’s it. I’ve thoroughly polluted several more minds with this and I feel my job is complete. As noted previously, I feel part of my job is locating gems… truly glorious finds of the Internet and sharing them with you. Okay, maybe this doesn’t count.


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