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Such Strong Thighs You Have

In my ever continuing quest for the dark history of the Internet, I stumbled on the Micro Heroes website. An homage to the days when Angelfire and Geocities ruled the lands, the artwork is of an advanced form – not quite as bad as the rotating stars and winking large-eyed girls – but they are tailored to the horny geek children that used to own the young Internet world.

You have your basic comic book heroes & villains:

Some television & movie I’m not sure what:

As well as several unfortunate souls & some “naughty” women. I thought the latter would be depicted in compromising poses, however the creators had a limited body mold and we get several wide-spread, muscular thigh action again. Whatever floats your boat. (BTW, each image posted links directly to their related grouping. Fair warning the Harleyquinn page is NSFW as it includes Cat Woman.)

I checked some other parts of the site, like the links and flash movies. I stopped and burst out laughing under the “Star Wars Movies” sections. It says, and I directly quote: “Please be warned that some of the file are rather large in size (1mb+) and may take sometime to load – but I think they are worth the wait.” Oh Internet, how you’ve grown.

Don’t Eat the Bittering Agent

For anyone who has recently bought a “Dust Remover” a.k.a. “the compressed air cans that you spray at dust scattering it to the four corners of your room and most likely into your face”, you may have recently seen the bittering agent warning. A bittering agent is a recent additive to discourage users from inhaling or “huffing” the air. The website for 3M gives more information. It also gives a piece of information that makes sense and doesn’t at the same time: a question in their faq is posed about getting rid of the bittering agent taste in your mouth. The answer? Chocolate or other dairy products. So you mean if I huff and then down some chocolate, I’m okay? Uh…

As a note: I’m not encouraging this whatsoever and I’m hoping a little bit of milk won’t negate this attempt to prevent addiction. Seriously, don’t huff:

The reason I bring up the subject is my father & I were in a Target and I was just buying ONE CAN. The check out clerk (who suspiciously looked like a younger version of an ex) had to get my ID. I have an out-of-state license still, which the register refused to take. We held up the line while he called his supervisor to let me check out. During this moment my father was totally confused and I explained using the above Allison/Intervention example. I was then treated to a car ride home on why televised therapy shows are ruining our country. Then when I got home I noticed the damn can didn’t have a straw. I tried using it without one, but without a focus it’s not as effective. My options were to go back and buy another one or steal a straw and have someone else end up with the same problem.

I decided on neither. As a fan of MacGyver, I figured I could whip up a cheaper, easier (well, maybe not easier) way to get this working. In my pre-coffee stupor this morning I looked around my room and noticed my BIC pencils are about the same width of the opening – the straw usually has a little hole to fit in, but the pencils have a wide mouth that would wrap around the nozzle completely. You turned on yet?

I grabbed an ugly, orange, sparkly pencil and tried pulling the pencil apart because I only needed the inner mechanism. Not having the strength, I found a set of wire cutters (yes, I have wire cutters in my room) and pulled the front off. I saved the eraser and lead for other pencils. I then had to cut off the end that protrudes – that part that gives you lead-filled wonder. I stuck the shaft of the inner mechanism – now completely hollow – over the nozzle. It was a perfect fit. The problem is occasionally it gets pushed off. I fixed this by adding a binder clip, which actually helps a bit with the compression (in my opinion).

There you have it. Once again I prove I’m awesome, albeit this might be boring to some people. So here’s a sexy picture of the man who made this all possible:

Source: T.V. Squad.For additional source materials check What Would MacGyver Do?

I Don’t Think Xena Would Have Worn This

I certainly would though.

(The Etsy maker calls it the “Xena” ring. I find it a misnomer, but check out the artist’s other rings if you like this piece.)

In other news: I’m unplugged, but covered in flaky glue bits. This is what I hate about having EEGs. I’m also concerned about being reprogrammed. I guess, though, if I’m still paranoid then they haven’t done anything to me. Or maybe they have and I only think I’m paranoid, but now I’m worried about the wrong things… THE SATELLITES!

Holy Steel-Toed Hell

I’m currently all plugged into electrodes. (Literally: I’m having a 24-hour EEG.) So today I’m not terribly keen on doing a big post. I figure I’ll go back to doing a Tuesday Wish-List instead and give you unwarranted fashion tips from someone with no real fashion sense. To give you an idea: I wear the same brown shoes everyday and think it’s okay to wear fur hats in the summer (as long as it’s cool enough). But I do alright for myself. If I had the money, I would not be as bad as I am today. Here is one of the first things I would blow my cash on:

This is the Hobnail Boot by Alexander McQueen. It only goes for around, say… $1,895.00

I’m Back

Did you miss me?

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin from Blink on Vimeo.

Extreme S’mores – Yes There’s Bacon



Just a brief update while surfing the web for bacon recipes. I don’t know who’s grand idea this was, but I found a recipe blog with Extreme S’mores? They are already bad for you, but I guess since we’re already going to have a sugar coma…

Diabeeetus S'more


Baaaacon S'more


Top 17 Extreme S’more Creations – Bacon Included – Food2 Blog.

Death Becomes Me

Today will be my post to fulfill the promise of cute skull items. After this, however, I will be taking a brief vacation from real posts. I’ll still be updating, but just random pics… possibly even from my own Picasa collection! You won’t know what to expect, so keep checking back. I’m going to use the extra time to plan for better blog posts, read, catch up on real life, maybe look for jobs. I don’t know. What is it that real people do? Actually, I’ll be reading Facebook and posting to Twitter. Anyway, on to the post:

To detract from what was probably an eerie sight to some, I’ll remind people that I don’t have any real animal bones. While I would like them, my collection consists of plastic items bought or gifted. One great story comes from several years ago. During a “girls night” my two friends (K. & K.) and I found a skull at CVS that was malformed to look ~scary~. We named it Nigel and had the idea to take pictures of him all over our campus. We then sent the photos to a mutual friend pretending to be a stalker. The effect was not what we had hoped for, but the process was fun.

You could wait for Halloween to roll around and buy your expensive decor at those “Spirit” stores or crafting places or perhaps plunk down a chunk of change at my dear Martha Stewart’s Grandin Road. But why wait? I, personally, am constantly in the market to beef up my collection. Most mainstream stores will surprise you with skull icon socks (I just got a pair at A.C. Moore of all places) and stores geared towards the “younger” crowd, such as Claire’s, tends to have a goth section to cater to everyone’s tastes. (Let’s face it, though, they’re just posers. Amiright?)

For a starting point you can check the blog Skulls and Bacon. It updates only periodically, but it has a hefty backlog and includes delicious delicious bacon paraphernalia. Two of my favorite things! Plus they have a themed T-Shirt:

In the realm of direct online shopping I have found several options (sans *hisss* Hot Topic). Mom recently sent me the adorable link Plasticland which has “New Victorian” goods. I’m assuming that’s ad-speak for “Steampunk”, but their products are geared towards the everyman – they have a happy, cheery feel and the “Victorian” style is borderline cartoony. I still like it. Their “bone collection” has several items I wouldn’t mind having, such as this:

(They also have several keys & owl products. I really want half of their store.)

I located an Ebay seller with a store called Skull Treasure which specializes in… eh, you know. They are currently working on the supplies right now, per the site, check back in April! I also check Etsy here & there and find wonderful & sometimes bizarrely horrible skull/bone items. There’s a store that is specifically called Skull N Bones Clothing, but it doesn’t have a lot of Skulls N Bones in the clothing section. It’s got a lot of sexy clothes for the womens. There are accessories that have skulls and I wouldn’t mind this wallet:
I am not impressed with this store and it seems a tad overpriced. It has a supply of “Rockabilly & Swing Dresses”, however. Check it out if you need those. And… yeah. Here’s that Hot Topic link: summer skull dresses for all!

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