I Drank New Age Water

Since today is Sunday and this is my first “education week” post, I’m focusing on beliefs. There was a YouTube video I had encountered that showed a friendly German man making a bottle of “healing water” by playing music at it. I was intrigued and went to his website. It contained several audio tracks that would (for free) teach you how to purify your own water and fill it with love, peace, healing, etc. It was his gift to me, to you, to the oceans. I read more.

Was he Pagan? Pagans tend to shy away from offering their own personal energies willy nilly… but that’s not unheard of. Was it a “Christian healing” sort of site and I was going to see angels and links to tracts and Biblical quotes? Nope. He had a section quoting the “Ascenddani”, saying “We are Teachers of Light”. The links to the videos were broken. Time to go hunting.

The Teachers of Light are a New Age group concerned with bringing teachings of past life beings, such as Yada, to warn of the self-destructive behavior of humans and enlighten them with Metaphysical-Christian-Buddhist-esque knowledge. The Age of Aquarius is not dead. I became obsessed with this for several hours because the wisdom imparted would waver back & forth from making perfect sense to becoming utterly absurd. Maybe, as the followers would say, it’s because I’m too insane to comprehend the teachings. It may also be because, as New Age followers, they merge Biblical teachings with too many ideas and spiritual beliefs, but are not Deists in the traditional sense. I will get to that in a minute.

My favorite lines of Yada (I know – taking things out of context removes the understanding, but for a neophyte, this is what you come away with):
“To understand is to love. Why do you do what you do? When I know that I can no longer criticize you, nor can I really praise you, I simply know you act that way because of something that happened to you earlier.”
-This I agree with and like this point he makes.
“The ass within resents the Christ within. The lower self does not like to have you let it go. The ass within resents the Christ within. It resents it because that once you recognize the Christ, the ass dies.”
-We all have a God-hood we can achieve like Christ? Once we achieve purity/enlightenment or let go of Id/self we become Christ-like or we can be Christ? The Catholics aren’t going to like that. There is a lot of this human/god association, which has been a common theme found in esoteric religions, but not common in modern Christianity. It becomes jarring to come across it. Correct me if I’m wrong.
“Audience: In fact, when someone comes along who has some knowledge he is attacked by the world and destroyed immediately. That always happens.
Yada: Of course, these are robots, the zombies I have been speaking of.
Audience: The insecure ones.
Yada: That is what a robot is – insecure.
Audience: Never certain of himself.”
-He talks a lot about robots & zombies on the second page. Truly he speaks to our generation. I am just confused about the analogy though. I wouldn’t describe a robot as “insecure”. I can see the zombie idea, but robots?

Enough mocking of Yada. I am sorry if I insult anyone from the Teachers of Light who happen upon this. My main goal is to explain New Age groups. His words (if he is indeed some spiritual creature and not just Robert saying he’s possessed so people will listen to him) are different from how people view faith and understanding of God or religion. Some may believe this group to be a cult. I turned to my trusty “Bruce & Stan’s Guide to Cults, Religions, & Spiritual Beliefs” (Harvest House, 2002). Now, while “Teachers of Light” does talk about spreading the word and purport to be the *best* way to live, there is no element of absolute salvation or reference of end times (in fact, they look forward to a brighter, unified future). As this book notes, New Age is what you want it to be. It’s hard to sum up their chapter on New Age, but here is their summation at the end of the chapter (on p.279):
“1. The influence of New Age spirituality is embedded in all aspects of society: health care, business, science, politics, sports, and entertainment.
2. Many New Age practitioners are thoughtful professionals who have a common vision to transform society and bring about a new era of harmony and human progress.
3. Although there is no central authority or set of beliefs, New Age spirituality has characteristics of monism, pantheism, deification of humanity, transformation, ecological centeredness, and a belief in a new world order.
4. New Age beliefs are rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, Native American religions, and occultism and spiritualism.
5. The New Age and the Bible present different realities about God, truth, and salvation.”

Teachers of Light: check, check, check, check, and check.

If you want a more recent explanation – since Yada’s transcription happened in the 60’s before man landed on the moon and we hadn’t found inhabitable planets so all was speculation (albeit his speculations held true) – there’s this YouTube video:

Or you can play the game!

Man. Long post was long. I promise to have something more interesting and easier to digest over the rest of this week. As I said, it was just a personal obsession for a day or two. This is the culmination of being a Religion major and not getting any use out of that damned Liberal Arts degree in six years.


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