Keys to the Kingdom of Awesome

As many of my friends know, I’m a big fan of keys. Keys are symbols of unlocking power, mystery, a gate to a kingdom, or treasures untold. Keys can be part of an initiation rite. Or my personal favorite: video games use keys all the time. “Looks like you need a special key for that.” Makes sense that some of my favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. (Okay, that and I have a secret thing for Disney. Sue me.)

My mother found out about my little key obsession and now searches her house for the old keys her family kept over the years. Now I have a small collection, plus some purchased decorative keys:

(Yes, that’s the KH key on the left.)

I kind of kick myself for not taking back the birthday gift I bought my now-ex (who might be reading this – sorry, dude). The set of black wrought-iron keys from Epcot were freaking sweet. But heavy. So if anyone wants to get me a replacement black key that I can carry with me once I move again, I can offer a suggestion:

(Via Tiffany & Co..) C’mon! It’s only $270 without the chain! Yes? Please?


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