Grumble Britches

I didn’t post yesterday due to several personal issues. Suffice to say, hot chocolate repairs *most* ills. I don’t have the energy to do a creepy hit-that post, which I’m sure some people are grateful for.

This morning I was rustled out of bed, bleary-eyed and testy in order to shovel 15 inches of snow. After several complaints, being that this was some of the thickest snow we’ve seen and Dad was dead-set on doing it himself this time (he had paid people to shovel the last few times and it was starting to thin his pockets), my step-mom began rummaging through the garage. An ancient, cobweb-covered snowblower was produced. We had a snowblower? Seriously? This is the forth or fifth time we’ve had to deal with half a foot or more of snow and we had a snowblower? There’s a catch: This snowblower is older than I am. My parents do not throw anything away. They are from a time when American ingenuity meant that things were built, according to some sort of unspoken ethical law, to last. Once we got it going, it went, but it is taking some muscle power to run. It is better than shoveling, but probably not quicker. It’s like cutting your grass with one of those really old grass cutters that just rolls along, but knowing it’s better than using a scythe.

Another issue I had to complain about that happened yesterday (one of the reasons yesterday was just falling apart) was that my new netbook refuses to connect to the home wireless. It will acknowledge the wireless. It will connect to the ethernet. And like a filthy prostitute it will connect to any open wireless network in the area. If anyone can answer this query, let me know. I think I know the problem: I tried to set up a “home network” to just connect my computer and the netbook, but I made the mistake of letting both computers know that there was a third computer that was the network home (my Dad’s computer). When I decided the whole thing was a bad idea because it was going to require getting his computer involved, I dropped it, but now the netbook is like, “wait, weren’t we doing that thing? Hey, guys?” and now it doesn’t want to do Internet, it wants to network. Yay…. Here’s your pic for the day:


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  1. nancy Rasmussen


    1 – sell the oncient snowblower on ebay (list as vintage) and use proceeds to purchase shiny new snowblower.

    2 – (alternate) find yourself a manly man with superior upper body strength and an overwhelming desire to dig himself from the street to your door. (personal fave)

    3 – purchase vintage snowshoes from ebay and walk over the damn stuff!

    Re: network/internet issue. I would think there would be a fairly simple way (requiring only hours of patient trial and error) to remove the third phantom computer from the network. Hoping you’ve gotten past this oh-so-annoying bump in the road.

    • To answer your second question: gettin’ out of the house this weekend. So annoying bumps will be overcome.

      We dealt with the snow, though one of the blades of the snowblower called it quits and we went back to doing things by hand. We may be able to sell vintage, but that requires me pulling from Meg’s cold, dead hands. Those two sell *nothing*. Finding it prompted a conversation about appliances in which I found they throw nothing out if it works. The snowblower is older than I am (Meg got it when she was 22).

      I need to spend time on Dad & Meg’s PC to fix the network thing, but I’ll deal with it when I get back. Meh.

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