Hot Soup

I was watching Community today and I had an inspiration for today’s “Yeah, I’d hit that” post. My high school years were mostly spent glued to the television. This isn’t surprising; I didn’t get out much. This means that a lot of my early, weird crushes came from the T.V. shows I watched on a regular basis. Today’s post will be a double dose because of one show that affected those years of development.

During the time I was in high school, Talk Soup was still called Talk Soup and I was privileged to have John Henson as the host. (That probably gives you an idea of how old I am.) I had a major crush on “Skunk Boy”. It so happened that when I joined a church choir I found my choir director worked for his *brother*. When she learned of my infatuation with him she asked the brother for an autograph. John Henson then called her, asked about me, and then sent the autograph to her plus an e-mail to me. I have the autograph currently framed and the e-mail… somewhere. His autograph is brilliant. It says, “To Beth, Hang on to this. It will be worth nothing someday!! Best Wishes! John Henson”.

I was, indeed, heartbroken when John eventually left the show. I could not continue watching. I tried to watch it with Hal Sparks and although I find that midget adorable, it was not the same. Several years passed by. The show cancelled and I put it out of my mind. Then one day (when I finally had cable again) I was surfing by E! and saw there was a new incarnation called The Soup and a tall drink of water by the name of Joel McHale was the new host. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for lanky oddballs, but I think he’s just straight-up fetching.

(Via GQ.)

Goes to show that some things are worth a second chance.


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