Hostility Insurance Part Two

When we last left our heroine, she had obtained health insurance from a company that took pity on her circumstances. The benefits of this relationship filled her with utter disdain and enmity. Her are the rest of her tribulations:

I had an option to use this insurance for doctors’ visits (even specialists, which is the important bit here). Since I was being bled dry by their premium, however, I ended up chickening out on the only appointment I had set up during the coverage. $50? Now, the insurance that I had when employed didn’t have a much lower copay, but I was getting paid. (Though looking back, I was getting raked over the coals with that company as well… hahaha.. I’m laughing so I don’t cry.)

My neurologist wanted to see me to make sure I hadn’t had any seizures. The job I had was causing these seizures. Without the job, the medication was doing what it needed to. Ipso facto, I was fine and didn’t need to tell the doctor that in person. It would have been a waste of time and money. I know you can’t really waste an unemployed person’s “time”, but recently the doctor I was going to had an hour’s wait before I saw her. I like to think she was making herself pretty for me.

I moved from Atlanta to New York state, thinking I was taking my insurance with me. Oops. I called to renew and found they don’t cover my new state. That was odd to find out since the parent company was based in New York. I have decided not to call the parent company and go through that nonsense again. I checked out New York State’s Insurance website. Thankfully, New York seems to be a bit more understanding than Georgia. I wonder why that is…

In my new search I have come across several state programs, however some are solely directed at the employed, people only living in NYC, or if you have a pre-existing condition you can pay $400/mo out of pocket. Well that’s helpful [RAGE]. I decided to check the companies listed on the site and call some individually. One said they don’t cover my county (I am not in the city if you can’t tell). So I’m now waiting on an appointment for a sort of welfare insurance? I have to basically present my entire life humbly and tell them I am desperate and broke. Being unemployed is full of new and exciting experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I have not lived a life of privilege. It’s just that had always thought my college degree would take me on a journey of *marginal* success and I’d never be in a situation of struggle like this. Welcome to the real world.

Happy Bunny Graphic #4

Edit: I figure I should post the link to part one here to answer any confusions for people only encountering this article.


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