Hostility Insurance Part One

As a personal favor to my mother (she is urging me to be some sort of “real” writer), I am going to chronicle all of the hoops I’ve had to jump through this last year. Between being unemployed and having to move, I’ve dealt with public and private human services departments with policies that baffle me. This may be a good outlet for me to deal with the utter abhorrence I feel and a way for others to find some kinship in their personal frustrations. I have several stories, but I will try to keep them down to a handful of posts & they will only be put out on Mondays.

Health Insurance:
This saga starts where my job ended. I looked at COBRA, but realized I could find cheaper health insurance in the private sectors. What I didn’t understand was I was jumping into shark-infested waters. If you put your information out there about any commercial enterprise, be prepared for an influx of calls within the hour. I spoke with several *very cheerful* young women who wanted to let me know that if I held off for more than a day on the deals they were offering that the price would double and I would die in the gutter due to spiders laying eggs in my ears and boils on my kidneys because my insurance wasn’t good enough.

I finally ended up speaking with a real broker. He was a Jewish New Yorker lawyer. He was angry. He wanted me covered by health insurance. NOW. Because I have a neurological condition he found it hard to get me a good deal, but he set me up with Standard Security Life Insurance.

I spoke with that company several times (after making sure my broker got his fair cut) and it seemed there wasn’t too much to do to get it arranged. Except I then entered their special pharmacy hell. The main reason (other than my fear of splitting my face open again and needing coverage for that) I needed insurance was for pharmacy coverage. At first they forgot to set me up. No big deal. I just called them back and had them tap that on. Then… they wanted to add an additional set up fee? I was told the original fee covered the RX, but their dumb CS didn’t add it. Wat? So I argued for an hour with several “specialists”,* had it enrolled, and had the fee waived. Hilariously, it wasn’t a huge fee, but as one of the rather uncouth reps put it, “That’s, like, a couple of meals for you!”

So what does an independent health insurance company like to cut for medications? Next to nothing. I’m on two generic drugs that are disproportionately expensive and on the RX program they were still about 25% of the cost or more (especially since the charge was per 30 pills, not per total script). So I ended up, after all that nonsense with the fee, dumping the program. Thankfully it was within 10 days and they allowed a refund. But only because it was within 10 days. Beyond that, go screw yourself.

With this chapter at a close, I will leave you with this: I ended up finding my medication through an online service called Health Warehouse. I know people are a little hesitant when it comes to online drug services, but I’ve been ordering from them for over six months and have had no problems with the meds or my prescriptions. In fact, since they don’t do an exact amount, if you have a script for, say, 150 pills and you can only order in packs of 180, you end up getting a boost for a few extra days. I know this wasn’t as weird or funny, but I’ve got more interesting stuff and I’ll share as the month goes on.

*pernicious whoresons

Edit: Part Two


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