Swarovski Has the GLOW

I had something else planned as my Wednesday theme, but since I haven’t officially started my “theme” days, I’ll switch it to Thursdays! Wednesdays may be my “shiny object” theme, then. That easy. I spent today traipsing about NYC with Danny. We went to the MoMA, saw Times Square, and drank lots of coffee.

I also visited Rockefeller Plaza while waiting for him earlier in the afternoon. I got to see the Swarovski star that tops the Christmas tree.
Swarovski Crystal Star, Rockefeller Center
(This image is via zkeletenz on Flickr. As I saw it midday, I didn’t get to see the special effects. Plus, this is an awesome pic.)

As beautiful as many of Swarovski’s creations are, however, I do not get how these chunks of madness are allowed to be witnessed by the human eye:

(via Forever – my apologies to the blog writers if they ever see this. No means to offend personal tastes. To each their own opinion on art.)


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