Not Much New Here, Just a Blizzard

I’m not able to do a lot of interesting posts this week. I’m staying at my mom’s house and all of the good links are on my computer at home. So since I’m snowed in, I thought some people would like to know what it was like to live through a blizzard. I’m in a city close to the one in this YouTube video. You don’t have to watch *all* of it, but it accurately depicts the constant barrage of the blizzard:

The city I’m in got only about 8-10″, but the wind is what really made it bad. We couldn’t drive and now what’s here can be shoveled, but will be blown back down by tomorrow morning. We had to spend an hour shoveling my mom’s car out thanks to the city’s plow service. And thankfully we weren’t one of the thousands currently without power, though we were afraid of it because the trees outside have been rubbing up against each other very loudly.

Mom & I actually had a conversation about emergencies last night:
Her: “Pack your backpack with your meds and ID. That’s in case something happens and we have to leave.”
Me: “What? If something happens that bad or to the house, we die. We can’t get out. Your car sucks.”
Her: “No. If a tree falls through the house, we’ll need to leave in a hurry. Pack your backpack with your meds.”
Me: “I’ll just take my purse [messenger bag], it can carry my laptop and already has my ID.”
–Laptop = survival apparently when drunkenly arguing with your crazy mother

We survived. All is well. Today I drank Merlot and watched “Up”.
Trivia for today: How many toes do cats have?


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