A Question Left Unanswered: Why Was This a Craze?

I had heard about this craze. I did not realize it had blown up so big or why. I’m also not entirely positive it is still huge, though I’m sure someone out there still does it and it will make a comeback next summer. I am talking about, of course, Vajazzling.

I know I’m a little late on the boat for this one. It originally came out way back in late 2009 and Jennifer Love-Hewitt made it popular by talking about it on T.V. for about 2 seconds (which then extended for about 2 hours as she traveled from show to show) in Jan of 2010. I won’t go too much into my personal opinions on this as that could stretch into a severely long rant about the disgusting waste of money just to glue some shit to your body that gives you a reason to flash your beshaven lady pocket.

My main interest is in figuring out why, other than the star power of JLH advertising it, it became so popular with the ladies of this time. A fad like this means blowing large amounts of money – average about $50 for something that last 2-3 days or you could get a kit that lasted only 1-2 days and was only a little cheaper or you could get a 5 or more day super one for over $100 – on something that you *can* put on a visible place, but is advertised as an item for your more intimate areas. Fox investigates for us:

“So, after preparing my, ahem, canvas, I asked my significant other to give me a hand. Peel, position, press, and release. Viola, I was all jazzled! I have to admit, the whole idea seemed kind of kooky. But, you know what? It looks really great. Rather sexy, if I do say so myself. It certainly wasn’t how I expected to spend my Monday afternoon. But, hey, I’m all for an adventure. And my lover dug it too. The whole experiment led to a little fooling around, in fact, during which no crystals were harmed.[…]
“Most of the day, I completely forget I’m vajazzled. But when I do remember, it makes me smile. Having those clandestine crystals makes me kind of feel like a rock star. Only I get to decide who can see it, and I feel – don’t laugh – a little bit like my naughty bits have super powers.”

(via Fox on Sex)

So it’s a confidence… down there issue? You get a glittery cooch and suddenly you feel secretly sexy? Do not get me wrong: I understand body art. Tattoos, piercings, etc. I’ve thought about doing something myself, but haven’t gone through because I need the money. If I were to do so, I’d *save* the money. These women could easily save what they are spending on Vajazzling to buy one tattoo if this is about getting sexy body art and “feeling like a rock star”. But maybe that’s too much. That’s too naughty. If this is about being naughty for a day, then why seem to advertise for skanky women?
I don’t feel like embedding this advertisement for “Tajazzled” which is a bizarre spin-off.
But Christwire.org certainly picked up on how damaging this trend is to our societies young men. (You don’t have to watch the vid, but read the ChristWire bit. I’m trying to figure out if that’s a parody. Please… someone tell me that’s a parody.)

Okay. I think this is all I can say: I don’t understand this culture of women because I know this is some bizarre attempt at creating an atmosphere of false self-esteem. It’s not what gets guys off. Fox Lady: Your lover didn’t “dig” it. He liked the fact that you were taking off your pants to show him your baby mound. I think of this video when I think of Vajazzled (which is awesome because this came out 2 years before that fad came out):


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