The Most Exciting Post Yet: Fungi

This will harken back to early August. I was house sitting for a friend (she knows who she is) and during a rainy week one of the pots ended up over-watered. Slowly a small, but fascinatingly phallic, bright yellow mushroom started growing.

I took a photo of it and asked my Facebook friends to ID it:

The fungus is “Leucocoprinus birnbaumii” and was fairly harmless, however I now was under suspicion of destroying my friend’s garden. I swear it was the rain!

This got me wondering about mushrooms (for about a day, but it was a fun adventure). I found Mushroom Appreciation was a good site to find info on types and pictures for recognition. Mind you, my next jump was not about food. Not about drug use. It was about death. I began researching the most poisonous fungi. This was both out of my own paranoia about dying in a strange way and because I like to fantasize about using something called “The Destroying Angel” as part of a diabolical plan. So in case you are like me and need to know, here are The 13 Deadliest Mushrooms on the Planet.

(This is called a “Death Cap”. The article says, “No antidote is known.” I feel better already.)

And because I’m in a generous mood, if you are particularly paranoid or evil, whichever the case may be, here’s A List of Deadly Poisons. (The deadly one that mushrooms gives you is Amatoxin.)

If all of this was boring, here’s a cool video from BBC’s Earth. I hope it remains up, as it’s a mirrored vid. The original was not allowed to be embeded by BBC, but thankfully I found this copy as it is *awesome*.


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