The Cher Battle Dream

I have nothing against Cher. I would go on record to say I actually like her. Sometimes I would find myself watching The Sonny & Cher Show when I was young. I think it was that TV Land Channel that exposed me.

Last night I was watching Hulu and enjoying 30 Rock on which there is a transvestite character that sort of reminds me of her. I didn't make the correlation at the time. It's not the episode that mattered. Suffice to say I had a bizarre dream that ended with me in a penthouse dressed in a sheer gown, supposedly belonging to the star, with the intent of assassinating her. I had a sword of some sort, perhaps a katana, and knew if she caught me a battle would ensue. Earlier in the dream she had proven she had great strength and I was afraid. I was woken up by a family member before it concluded.

Then today I was watching on YouTube one of my other favorite shows, The Soup, and saw THUS:

I know it's just a coincidence, but it's a funny one since I never see Cher in any media these days. Fairly certain that the dream was more focused on my anger towards those with lavish, upper class tastes. At some point in the dream the Cher-esque figure tried to take me to some kind of poor house to get me off her back so it was a revenge killing. Down with the bourgeois!

Much love to Joel McHale.


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