The Joker

I will never say I was a Batman fan, but of the mainstream superheroes, he was watchable when it came to movies/cartoons. I watched Batman: The Animated Series and didn’t realize until years later that Mark Hamill was the voice of The Joker. Always a Hamill fan. I’ve watched most of the Batman movies (excluding Clooney’s) and am one of the few people who prefer Batman: Forever. You can suck it.

But The Joker will have a special place in my heart because he’s always the most memorable character of any series. I loved the original Batman: The Movie as well and here’s a wonderful piece from Ffffound!:

And for the Ledger fans, I guess, here are some funny pics of that guy:

(via Eye Said It Before)

(original source unknown)

(Edited about 40 times due to inability to comprehend HTML. Bear with me.)
New edit on WordPress: after the transfer I noticed on my laptop that the first pic has an angry bandwidth message from If you get the same, here’s the link to the joker image:


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